Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hurt People, Hurt People

All around, at the workplace, in the neighborhood, and in the marketplace, people are hurting. From what? Too many things to count. Much less, we often walk around sometimes being the victim of their hurt. After years of observation, I have come to realize hurt people hurt people. As a result of their hurt, people lash out in many different ways. They will talk about you behind your back. They will try to sabotage your marriage, your family, your career, and many times your ministry. Unfortunately, you are innocent of your actions, but unfortunately you get hit with their anger. It is not fair. It is not right, but unfortunately it happens. One of the most astounding things I believe Jesus ever did was the night he was betrayed. We can look at all the dramatic events—the sweat turned into blood, swords drawn, an ear cut off and miraculously put back on. But there was one word Jesus spoke which speaks volumes! He called Judas ‘friend.’ Judas was a betrayer. He was a tool of Satan. He walked and talked with Jesus for three years. The end result was Jesus referring to him still as friend. Jesus chose to walk in forgiveness and in love. He chose to look beyond the act and into the heart of Judas. If Judas was not ever Jesus’ friend, Jesus would have never called him friend, but Jesus’ love shined on beyond the dramatic events of that evening. We too must learn to walk in love. It is a hard thing to do when people are out to get you. Unfair treatment spurs us to respond in the flesh. In turn, meekness must set in. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is power under control. It is taking the high road in every situation. It is not intimidation. It is taking a situation and having the power to walk in uprightness and integrity. When you notice a hurting person who has it in their mind to hurt you or others, you have to look beyond their hurt into their heart. Look at the root of their hurt and try to minister to their need. Pray for them often and pray for yourself especially that you don’t lose it! Seek the Holy Spirit that He will give you the wisdom of the situation and how to handle it. Do I confront? Do I wait? Do I write? Do I talk? Do I just let the Lord deal with it? These are questions to ask the Holy Spirit. The Bible states the Holy Spirit teaches all things. He will give you the wisdom for your situation. Choose also to walk in forgiveness and in love. Walking this way protects your heart with power stronger than steel! Forgiveness and love conquers and wins every situation. It allows you to rest easy at night. It allows you to be clear of fleshly concepts which in turn allows you to walk in the Spirit of God. Meekness, Forgiveness, and Love. This is the formula for conquering the hurt who want to hurt.