Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finally Final

Today Karen, Josh, and I went to the Jackson County Family Court to finalize the adoption of Joshua. He is now legally Joshua Brandon Rowland. I would have to think a second to remember his birth name because we have really never used it.
I reckon the father in me is kind of being sentimental. Today, I was reading out the Message Bible in Psalms chapter 8 'nursing infants gurgle choruses about you.' I shared this today with Karen. This verse means more to us because Joshua loves to gurgle. He can just be lying there in his crib and gurgle for several minutes. We don't know what is on his mind. It could just be Jesus!
Well, we are leaving Kansas City tomorrow with baby in tow. If you have never traveled through the airport with a baby, please prepare yourself. It is difficult!
Out of Kansas City and onward to Griffin for a conference and then onward to Augusta to see Rome graduate. The second great thing this week to take place! Boy, I am a proud dad!