Monday, August 28, 2006

Jerome's Prayer Warrior Certificate

Jerome came home with three certificate of recognition. One for completing the National Youth Challenge Program. The second one was for his involvement in SAMS Club - Serious About Military Service. The third one was for being a prayer warrior. I believe this is the challenge's first certificate for prayer warrior. He and his close friends James Edwards recieved it. Jerome said he prayed more in the last five months than he has in his whole life.
He learned that when you go through tough times in life it brings you closer to God. All he had there was God. For ten years, I had always been there for him to his beckon call. On the first day, there it was just him with dozens of drill sargents screaming at him to his face. He learned then to depend on God.
It is something how our soul cries out in time of need. When our father is God, we quickly run home to his arms looking for comfort and strength. Going through you own personal tough time in life right now? Pray. Pray hard.