Wednesday, August 30, 2006

RECOMMEDNED: Driven by Eternity by John Bevere

I am a sucker for John Bevere's books. Once you read one, you have to read them all. My library is full of them. His books are one that I read very slowly because if you read to quickly, you are bound to miss something.
I also keep my Bible opened at all times while reading it. His books and the Bible go hand and hand. I have to be like the Bereans investigating everything that is written. Bevere brings out dynamic things from the Bible I have never seen before.
My favorite book of mine is called "Heart Ablaze." It is not one of his most popular books by many. For me personally it was the best book for me at that season of my life when I read it. I daily ate out of that book during my prayer time. I ate it like many eat a chicken bone!
I may share some later at some interesting things that Bevere brings out in this book. For right now, go purchase it. Open you Bibles and study the things he discusses in the book.

The following is a description of the book:

From Publishers Weekly
Bestselling Christian author Bevere (Under Cover; The Fear of the Lord) turns his heart and pen to eternity. So many people, he says, live without heaven on their minds, yet eternity is planted in their hearts. His goal is to open readers' eyes to what awaits them: whether the end result will be horrible suffering or great joy, all will face God's judgment. Bevere uses the allegorical story of King Jalyn, his kingdom of Affabel, and the capital city of Endel and its inhabitants to help readers understand how life choices affect their eternal future. At first blush the allegory seems contrived, but Bevere adds depth to characters such as Double Life, Deceived and Charity. He is certain to offend some conservative evangelicals with his talk of visions and dreams, and his opinion that Christians can sometimes lose their salvation. Readers can't argue, however, with his knowledge of the Bible. Bevere urges Christians to get to work for God and asks tough questions about why some are not doing so. He doesn't sugarcoat his belief that heaven is imminent and that many people, Christian and not, are wasting their lives on useless pursuits and priorities. This book will linger long in the consciences and hearts of readers. (Apr. 10)
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Book Description
Most people would be left destitute if they planned their futures as carelessly as theyve prepared for eternity. Drawing on the principles in 2 Corinthians 5:911, John Bevere reminds us that all believers will stand before God and receive what they have earned in life. In building their lives to be ready for that day, and maintaining an eternal frame of reference, readers will develop significant lives. In keeping sight of the goal, readers will learn to labor for rewards that endurefor timeless eternity.