Monday, September 25, 2006

Relevancy with Church Planters

It was great on Saturday to be in a room with church planters. When asked about who we were targeting according to our demographics and how we were going to reach them, I was impressed with everyone's solutions. There were those in rural areas with creative ways and those in metro suburbs with creative ways. It was very interesting.
I am also amazed with a church plant in Jackson County. The pastor prayed one day for God to supply just one Hispanic couple for their church. Since that prayer, God has sent almost 100 Hispanic people to their church. It has totally changed the dynamics of their vision since so much of their congregation is Hispanic.
This showed me a couple of things. One, God answers prayers. Two, no matter how small your prayer is, our BIG God knows how to answer prayers in mighty BIG way. I like to use the phrase, "God likes to show up and show out." God is showing out in Jackson County, Georgia!!!