Monday, September 18, 2006


Boy, do we have stuff! Everyone has stuff! We grab, buy, take, and then we just sit in our stuff and enjoy it. Stuff. Stuff is anything and everything. As I am packing my stuff, I am thinking about how to move my stuff. Where will I put my stuff? My stuff is important . . . to me. Other people's stuff is important to them. . . but not me.
I just got a contract on my home. My home is the thing which holds my stuff. Now, I am in the process of finding my next abode to house my stuff. It may be two places - an apartment and a storage unit. Why? Because we have so much stuff. Jerome stuff is not important to me so I think he should get rid of a lot of his stuff. He resists. I insist because his stuff is of no importance to me. I insist Karen could get rid of a lot more of her stuff. She is resisting. Why? Because her stuff is very important to her. Baby Joshua's? Well, no one is going to get rid of his stuff! No one touches his stuff. I INSIST!
I am presently going through every box to see if there is some stuff that we can discard. Some stuff is more hard to let go than others. The truth is if it is going to be in a storage unit for a while and we won't need it, should we be storing it - except for furniture and lawn equipment. Is the furniture and lawn equipment just stuff we are holding on to as well? Who knows? Stuff.