Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tatoos and Theaters

I just recieved my Enrichment Journal in the mail. It is a quarterly that comes to Assembly of God pastors and ministers. I was really impressed first with the cover. It was an Asian with a tatoo. I opened it up and then discovered a one page article about Mark Batterson. You can read it blog here. He is a pastor from DC who meets in movie theaters. There was a small thing in there about doing church in the marketplace. That got me really excited. That is our goal at Paramount - to bring the Message right to the center of the marketplace. I want to be right in the center of where people are living. Where we are planning to meet is right in the center of the Southlake Shopping District. Thousands of people shop there everyday and through marketing, Paramount will become as common as Starbucks and Costco but with more customers!
Jesus did it and we are going to do it also.
Mark, keep up the great work. You have inspired me and challenged me.