Saturday, October 07, 2006

It is better. . .

Jesus said it is better to give than to receive. On the contrary, I have found it is harder for people to receive. Karen and I have been able to bless so many people throughout our marriage. We have blessed people with many different things. As a giver, nothing lets you down than a recipient having a hard time receiving. A lot has to do with maybe our backgrounds and cultures. Sometimes we are so blessed and we know how blessed it is to give, but to receive, we find it difficult.
When I give, I enjoy blessing the person to whom I am blessing. At the same time, I also know when I give, God enjoys blessing me. In turn, I see into the future a blessing coming. Do I give to receive a blessing from God? Sometimes but not all the time. Many times I give to bless others. Sometimes I am mandated to give in order to be blessed by God.
Mine and Karen's desire is to one day be great givers - financially and materialistically. We have began the road of being a blessing by giving this and that. Our desire is to give more. We are being faithful with a few, so that one day we may have many to give.
Become a giver. It brings so much excitement into your life. Start out small and find something - a dollar or a book- to give to someone and see the blessings of God come pouring into your life!!