Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lead Me Lord

Two days ago, I was driving Karen's car and she had an old Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir CD playing. The song was "Lead Me Lord." I have been singing it ever since then.
I have always said to pay attention to the songs that you sing and hear because sometimes it is the Holy Spirit giving you a song to encourage in your daily walk for what you are going through right then. Here are the words:

It's hard to take the first step
When I don't know the way
Each turn is so uncertain
I learn to walk by faith
But you gave me a promise
That you will never leave
You will lead and guide me
Lord I do believe

Chorus :

Lead me lord
I will follow
Lead me Lord
I will go

You have called me
I will answer
Lead me Lord
I will go

Your plans for me are perfect
I never need to fear
For though at times I feel alone
I know that you are near
My heart just longs to follow
I'm willing to obey
Take my hand and lead me
I follow all the way