Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last Night at Oxygen

Last night, Karen and I went to church at The Tabernacle here in Atlanta. We had a choice to go to some adult classes or go to the youth service. I was familiar with Jeanne Mayo and her work in youth ministries. We decided to go to an adult class and then approaching the door, we looked at each other and said, "Let's go to the youth service!"
We saw nothing but amazing. It was dark with lights going everywhere. Smoke rolled out the door as we were approaching. Once we were inside, about 200 teenagers were hugging and greeting their friends. After announcements, the worship began and the presence of the Lord filled the room! It was incredible! After worship, everyone broke into small groups according to their age groups. There was not a group for myself and Karen so we decided to go finally to an adult group.
Karen and I have to admit we love youth ministries! We believe they are the heart behind a church. We spent one year as youth pastors and though being a youth pastor was not my niche', it is definitely our passion to see teenagers come and build their lives on Christ and get so on fire for the Kingdom!