Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogging Tips

This morning, I received an email from a close friend, Robert Baker, a youth pastor in Texas. He just started blogging. I thought I would share some tips with him as well as jasonrowland.org bloggers. Here are some tips:

1. Short and simple. People don't have time to read a book.

2. Always takes this and that from your article and put keywords in the bottom of your 'create' page. People who are searching for a subject will put in those keywords in their search engine and your blog will come up! Search engines including Google are making blogs the primary way of finding info.

3. Blog often.

4. Use a stat counter where you can find out how many and who from around the world is coming to your site, how long they are staying, and why they came.

5. Copy. If someone writes a declaration, poem, etc. copy and paste. There are some great things out there bloggers are blogging. It needs to be shared. Don't copy someone's blog post, just someones creative stuff and give them credit. Paste their blog. It will bring traffic to your site as well as theirs.

6. Put down conversations or emails that could be beneficial to others. If you offered or received general advice or suggestions which could help others, blog it!

7. Market your blog! If you believe in your blog, market it!

8. Have fun! This is your blog! This is your journal! You have an audience. You are one step closer to becoming an author!