Thursday, December 28, 2006

Leadership Season

At the beginning of the new year for the last several years, I have had a itch to dive into leadership material. I don't know if it is the feeling of a new year and to do things right or what. Usually it comes after the new year. This year, it started about couple of days ago. It is not planned though it should be, but there is a desire to learn as well as refresh leadership skills.

All of my books have been boxed up since moving into our apartment. It has been driving me crazy. This may seem weird, but I enjoy just being with my books. I love reviewing the titles and pulling this one or that one to just read the contents page or review a page out of the text. Today, I went to my leadership boxes that housed my leadership books and placed them on top of our television stand in our bedroom. I just sat back and smiled.

One thing I learned from John Maxwell is to read. Every good leader never stops learning. He says to have a book with you always or at least in your car so when you are stuck in traffic you can always pick it up and learn. I love my books. I love learning. Since moving to Atlanta and experiencing being stuck in traffic, I need to take note and have a book always in my vehicle. It could help pass the long time waiting away!