Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Light

Sometimes we church leaders tend to question the validity of most things including traditions. Sunday evening, my family went to see my mother's Christmas program at her church. It was really great with songs and carols 'sung by a choir' and exuberant music played by their orchestra!

Traditions, as my wife as encouraged me time after time, need to be kept because those things are what stay in your mind. While there, all the lights were cut off while a great video presentation was presented and orator, poet and author, Jan Leary read her poem, "The Light."

The Light

Like the weight of all sorrows
Hangs in the midnight skies

Who am I Lord,
That I might conquer such vast blackness?
Unlike you, I cannot speak a Word to bring forth light
Nor can I push back the curtains of night to make room for a new day

When darkness extends its hand to enter the souls of the innocent,
To steal promises of joy and peace, and to consume shadowed hearts
You, in your infinite wisdom,
Provided the answer, in your Son Jesus,
The Light

Though darkness never ceases in
Making an undying stance,
It cannot contend with the tiniest ray of light

One point;
One spark of brilliance, and darkness
Like a wounded cowering victim
Changes, turn, and loses its power, just as You Lord,
Changed the darkness of man's destiny
Capturing all iniquity on a wooden Cross

Thought I have not created the Sun to govern the day
Nor the moon and the stars to govern the night
Help me to be a light
To shine in a darkened and desperate world

Let the light of your love spring from my soul
Bringing hope to even one person
Who is hurting, lost, and in need of You,
The Savior,
The source of eternal Light

Let my little light shine along with those
Who confess your name with their lips and in their hearts,
And by your Power, radiate light
In homes, in nations, and throughout the world.

Most of all dear Lord, help me to remember,
Though darkness yet abounds
And fills the earth
It will never, it can never, master the Light

Afterwards, the traditions of a candlelight service ensued and the large auditorium radiated with hundreds of lit candles. Traditions. There are some worth keeping.