Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tyler Perry's List of Success

I don't believe I have ever blogged about Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry, as I have always said, is a genius. He is a great business man, actor, writer, and leader. As a Christian entertainer, he has led the way to deal with problems Christians face and have faced in their personal lives. He placed them on a stage when no one has wanted to talk about them from the pulpit. The stage has been his pulpit and his messages have reached deep down in the hearts of his audience.

The other day, I read an article about him in an business magazine. There was a list that accompanied the article from Perry that gave a list of things that he follows that has led to his success:

1. Use your own money.
2. Retain ownership of everything.
3. Always serve your niche first.
4. Work in a space that reminds you of your goals.
5. Do all of the grunt work so that you understand every position.
6. Delegate, and then go look over their shoulders.
7. Get enough leverage to use other peoples money.

Just a side note: I was checking out at Sam's Club in Valdosta about a year ago and there was a white guy in front of me buying one of his DVD's. We began talking about Perry's plays and movies and he said that he went all the way to Tennessee with his whole staff and took them to one of his plays. I thought I really like Tyler Perry!