Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bison Bugers and Braves

Karen, Josh, and I went to north Atlanta to the Georgia Mall. We were recommended by my father to try out Ted's Montana Grill owned by Ted Turner. Yep, I got the bison burger - a real buffalo burger! It was pretty good. I kept telling Karen then Native Americans had it pretty good! Of course, the music was just for me. They were playing 40's and 50's classics. Karen swears I had a previous life in the 40's and 50's. I love the music and the movies.

We then went to the Georgia Mall. Josh and I played in the fountains. We then went inside. They had built a large soft surface play area for toddlers and babies with a small house and play animals and rockets for the kids to play in and on. Josh had a blast! We took his shoes off and he went to crawling/walking. (He prefers crawling because he can go faster!)

Afterwards, we decided to come back home through the downtown area. Coming upon Turner Field, I saw the lights. Passing, I realized the Atlanta Braves were playing. I thought they were still at spring training in Florida? I began salivating! I can't wait to go to mine and Joshua's first game this year. The stadium is a 15 minute drive up the express way. Go Braves!