Friday, March 02, 2007

Today's 'Doors' of the Church

Fifty years ago, people moving to a new community had only one choice when it came to choosing a church. Now, they have several choices just on one block much less the whole community or city. It is important for churches to understand the doors of their church have changed in the last fifty years. For many years, it was the phone recorder and/or church sign. For some, the yellow pages were and still are the doors for many. Today, it is the church's website.

A church's website is the front door of the present day church. People will go to visit your church virtually before they visit your church physically. Today's church 'guest' are those clicking on your site not just coming into your services. Excellence is the minimal standard in producing a web site. Your site reflects your church.

As I was speaking to a fellow minister about his budget, I stressed the importance of placing adequate funds toward your website. It is important as the paint on your front door. Make it excellent and make in informative. Impress and raise the bar. Physical aesthetics are very important, but your virtual aesthetics are just as important!