Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why the Pause? I BEEN BUSY!

Remember to all I am a church planter! I don't have a lot of time!

No, really I have been doing a lot of things recently which I will be sharing over the next couple of days! I really just didn't have that much to blog about and I am not going to seek to find stuff just to rattle on about!

Went to a half-day conference yesterday called "Launch." Great conference and will share some thoughts later. Drove from the southside of Atlanta to the northside - hour and a half. First time. Enjoyed every minute of it! It was me and Tye Tribbett all the way. If you don't have his latest CD, go get it!

To everyone who likes to call, I am glad to announce that I have bluetooth in my vehicle. Just got installed a couple of weeks ago. In Atlanta, you need it! Drivers with phones stuck to their ears get on my nerves and in my way. Now, I can drive down the street and talk with you and people can believe that I am crazy - talking to myself. Love it! Need it!

Just a side note: To those who like to be in my business (and you know who you are) I have been checking and I have seen that you have been coming many times lately to the blog to see what I was going to say. Mind you own business!

That is going to get a lot of talk out of you guys but hey, you know you are going to talk anyhow. That is all you do. Get a life!

A lot of dates will be coming soon: launch team meetings, monthly meeting dates, new website URL to attract visitors which will be 'off da chain!' and a launch date set for the fall! Seem excited? I am extremely excited!

To my fellow church planters/friends: Can't thank you enough for your friendship! We always have each other's backs!

To my fellow pastors: Keep going! You all are doing a great job supporting us and having our backs!

Paramount Podcast: Working and still working on it. It is going to be great! Might move that launch until after our first monthly meeting though. Reworking a lot of things.

PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR: June 2nd Live in Concert Terrell Taylor A True Man of Worship at the AG Tabernacle in Decatur on Agape Way! Told him yesterday I would pay him to come into my living room to lead worship. It has been a while since we were in a service at the Tabernacle and his worship session was always something else!

CHURCH MARKETING for the LOCAL CHURCH: If you are a pastor or church leader and would like some consulting on taking your church to another level in marketing, get with me. I am venturing out some to assist churches and ministries with their marketing. I would love to assist you. Give me a call sometimes.

Pray for Karen, Jerome, and 'JoshBran.' Pray for me as well. A lot of things have to be done. Huge marketing campaign has got to be put together. People put in specific places. Keep praying!