Thursday, May 17, 2007

Praise and Worship Rehearsal

It is 11:10. I have an early morning tomorrow and a long commute. As my wife like to say, I am 'bone weary' but I just got back from sitting in on the praise and worship rehearsal for Paramount's first service on Saturday evening. I sat with my mouth wide open.

I don't mean to be so juvenile but "IT ROCKED!!" Lex on the bass, Chris on the keys, Andy on the drums, Kelly, Summer, and Carlos backing up (or leading as well as Fred says) and then Fred leading led to a sound with funk and drive. We are going to have a party Saturday night!

Karen called as I was driving home. I could tell her. All I could say is that she would have to hear it for herself. And you. . . you will have to hear it for yourself! See you Saturday night at 6pm. Check out for directions and location! SEE YOU THERE!!!