Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Your Church's Greatest Marketers

The greatest message deserves the greatest marketing. Think about it! We have the GREATEST message to tell in the world. I have used different media to market Paramount Church and though we have used everything from newspapers to postcards, I believe we have three great marketers at Paramount.

The People

First, we have the great people of Paramount. They are the best people in the whole world. Just the other day, one our first time attenders shared with me how she took our postcards and gave them out to everyone on her job. The postcards didn't do quite as much as she did personally. If your people do not believe in your church, neither will the rest of the public. Word of mouth is one of the most important points of marketing. If your people are excited about your church, the people who they invite and attend will be also.

The Pastor

Second is the pastor. I believe in Paramount Church! I sleep it, eat it, talk about it, share it, exclaim it. . . well you know what I mean. I am more excited about Paramount Church today than I was yesterday. If you around me for five minutes, you will find out about Paramount Church. Unfortunately, most pastors are not excited about their church. To many, it is a source of income not a source of passion. They fail to believe in it. They fail to pursue it passionately. We have the greatest message. We have the best news on earth. As pastors, we need to be the greatest marketers of our church than anyone else.

God, the Greatest Marketer

Last but definitely not least is God. God is the greatest marketer that ever lived. Our first service for Paramount Church was a marketing disaster. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) failed. Our cards came in five days before the service. Though we kept communicating with the newspaper, they failed to get our work in on time where we lost 10,000 homes to be reached. Due to ordinances, our huge 25 foot sign could not be kept up all week long. Finally on Friday when I did put it up, I received a call requesting to take it down until after a wedding at the church was finished the next day (which was a couple of hours before our service). Ugh! Then, I received a report that our small signs were constantly being stolen. The list goes on and on. All in all, I kept remembering that OUR ways are not God's ways. I kept remembering HE IS the great I AM and I really needed Him to be our marketing guy. I needed him more than ever. The result was many people attending our first service and boy, was it exciting! God is our greatest marketer. In fact, I have removed myself as being head and I have placed Him back as the head of that department and over the whole ministry.

In all your getting, get this: all of your marketing may fail, but with God, all things are possible! Believe in the Greatest Marketer and stand back and watch God blow your mind!