Thursday, July 19, 2007

UN Lunch Meeting

Today, we had a lunch meeting at the Dwarf House. It is one of Truett Cathy's Chic-fil-A restaurants here in South Atlanta which by the way is the capital of Chic-fil-A. When visiting Atlanta, I like to take guest to either the Dwarf House or Truett's Cafe. You have to go to one to experience it and eat 'cow' at a Chic-fil-A restaurant. Yes, I said 'cow.' Those things that constantly say to 'Eat Mor Chickn."

It was something how the meeting turned out. Some for various reason had to cancel and one of our friends who was there eating lunch alone we asked to join us. There was me, the typical white American man, Karen, the Bahamian, Carlos, the Puerto Rican, and Doug, the Korean. At the end of our lunch, Carlos recognized all the cultures which were represented. I responded with a thought I had at the beginning, "I didn't know I was having lunch with the UN!"

Atlanta is amazing. That table really represented the whole metro area as a whole. Living in an apartment property is indicative of that. We have many from other countries. It has been a dream of mine to pastor a church made of 'every tribe, nation, and tongue' ever since I saw that verse on the wall of Time Square Church in New York City. Planting a church in Atlanta will definitely produce this with the right prayers and actions.

FYI Paramount's bulletin shell says "Welcome" in 10 different languages.