Friday, August 24, 2007

Quick Trip to the Carolinas

Joshua and I just got back from a couple of days of R&R at Edisto Beach in South Carolina. I haven't been to anything that rural in a very long time. No Walmart. No Malls. NO INTERNET!?! The nearest hospital was 50 miles away!

Unfortunately Karen couldn't make it because it was the first week of school. My parents had reserved the beach home a long time ago and didn't forsee Karen's schedule.

Josh had a great time. It was his first time actually going 'to the beach.' We ate on Tybee Island back in May but it was just for lunch and not for swimming.

There is a phrase I say all the time around Josh and it goes like this, "YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH, Joshee!" I said that a lot on the trip. He was great! He is a little cranky now though. I assume he is wishing he was back at the beach.

September 15th is around the corner. I am rested up and ready to go!