Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The other day, Karen and I were in a small town leaving and we both looked at our watches and remembered we were not in Atlanta then. 

You see, when you are traveling anywhere in Atlanta during rush hour ( and I mean anywhere including down the street) you have to think about how bad traffic is going to be.  

Today, after leaving a meeting, my colleague said to go away from the expressway due to a wreck.  After giving me directions, I did.  Guess what?  You guessed it.  Traffic.  A lot of it.  

After 20 minutes of going the 'backway' to 'go down' so I could miss traffic.  I got back on the expressway with thousands of lights in my rearview mirror.  

The light - police, ambulance, firetrucks, etc.  

I was ahead.  


Just another thing I have to honestly say "ah" to living in Atlanta.  

Patience.  It is a virtue. Don't ever pray for it.  You will get it!