Monday, August 20, 2007

What a weekend @ Paramount Church!

People just kept coming and coming!  I was surprised to see everyone there.  Most importantly, God really showed up!  Excitement filled the air!  

The music was great by Pastor Avery and the band, Soul Sister Sally.  Just to give props to God, this was the best message that I have had the opportunity to give in our montly series.  It was great especially when I brought out the 'sexy' handcuffs.  

I received a call last night from one of the attenders.  They took their daughter to go see High School Musical 2.  One of the characters was manipulating the other one.  Their seven year old daughter told them the characters was "doing what Jason said you are not suppose to do." (Manipulate)  

Laughingly, they couldn't believe she heard what I was teaching.  They said she was playing with her Barbie the whole time.  So at our grand opening, I am purchasing hundreds of Barbies to pass out.  After all these years. . .

On a final note, I still get amazed at one thing that happened Saturday night.  There was a round of applause when I reinforced our intentions to keep our weekly services on Saturday evenings.  Great cheers went up!  No one knows the struggle I faced in making that decision.  I thought I was the last traditionalist. I had to really put tradition aside to make that decision after a meeting with Fred Graves who challenged me to really take Paramount out of the box.  What a great way to be innovative!

Relevant. Creative. Innovative.  That is Paramount Church!