Monday, October 29, 2007

Collaboration vs. Control

Collaboration is the effort made by an individual to achieve a goal with the assistance of another. Control is the determination of an individual to achieve a goal by using and abusing anybody or anything that gets in its way.

Collaboration improves performance, develops cooperative goals, seeks integrative solutions, and builds trusting relationships.

Control is based out of fear. It diminishes performance, shatters any kind of goals, dissipates any kind of solutions, and tears down relationships in its past.

Collaboration is based out of security. Control is based out of fear and insecurity.

Collaboration is a group effort. Control is a single effort hurting those in its pathway.

Collaboration builds. Control tears down.

Collaboration is goal oriented. Control is self oriented.

Collaboration is selfless. Control is selfish.

Collaboration fosters teamwork. Control fosters the mighty "I."

Seek collaboration. Seek unity. Seek peace. Seek selflessness. In it, you will have peace.