Friday, October 26, 2007

The Leopard is out!

I just got back from the launch party for the new Mac operating system, Leopard, at the Apple store at Lenox Mall. The first 500 received free t-shirts. Karen and I were in the 140's. We got in line and Karen's eyes began to roll as I talked with other Apple geeks. Many were there to buy. Others, like myself, were there just to get a chance to view all of the new features and of course, get a free t-shirt!

If you know me, I am a huge fan of Apple. I am wanting to become some kind of consultant or representative because I am presently not getting any commission by telling others to get it. I tell everyone about Apple including you if you are reading this blog now. One of the things about Apple is they are constantly going from good to great just like their new OS. Everyone loves their present OS but people couldn't wait to get Leopard. Apple doesn't wait for the complaints to come in. They are constantly making better what already exist as good.

Another thing I chuckled at was the term, "converted." It is a term Apple users use to tell other Apple users when they actually took the leap from PC to Apple. My conversion was last December. And like my spiritual conversion, I am never going back . . . to a PC that is!

Had a great time there at the Apple Launch Party for Leopard. Those people now how to throw a great time!