Friday, October 26, 2007

One Year in Atlanta

A year ago today, we were putting the last stuff on the truck and moving to Atlanta. I was looking for a pic to use with this post. I realized I have taken almost 1200 photos this year while in Atlanta. There were some memorable things I had an opportunity to do this past year:

1. Visit the Martin Luther King Memorial
2. Attend a couple of Braves game as well as tour the stadium
3. Visit the old and new Coke Museum
4. Go to the new Georgia Aquarium
5. Get season passes to Stone Mountain
6. Visit Lake Lanier's Christmas Lights
7. See the most spectacular firework show at Stone Mountain
8. See Barry Bonds hit a home run.
9. See my good friend, Terrell, do a live recording
10. Build the exciting Paramount Church.

I also have learned a lot of things while in Atlanta.

1. The world is not made up of just black and white
2. Some things I had been taught was mostly culture not truth
3. Jesus wants us to be a friend of sinners
4. Who you thought your friends were, were not
5. Values are important
6. Loving on People is not the same of loving them
7. Survivors in the end have a different mind set before their challenge
8. Family is really important
9. Money is AND isn't everything
10. There are truly servants out here Atlanta. What a great place to live, raise my children, & build an excellent church.