Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Praise and Worship

Praise enjoys God. Worship esteems Him.
Praise acclaims Him. Worship beholds Him.
Praise lifts up. Worship bows.
Praise lauds. Worship loves.
Praise celebrates. Worship humbly reveres.
Praise addresses God. Worship waits on God.
Praise dances. Worship removes shoes for holy ground.
Praise extols God for what He has done. Worship extols Him for who He is.
Praise lifts us to heavenly places. Worship lifts God to His rightful place - the throne.
Praise say, "Praise the Lord!" Worship demonstrates that "He is Lord."
Praise is grateful for the heirship to the throne. Worship lays crowns at His feet.

by Marcyne Heinrichs, page. 120-121 in Worship Him, by Fushia Pickett