Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Was Jesus a Republican?

Was Jesus a Republican? That question was posed to me Saturday night before our worship experience. When I asked to see the reference, it was part of the preface of the Bible this student was using. I chuckled and explained they were rhetorical questions posed at just trying to get an answer. Another rhetorical question asked if Jesus was a communist?

I began thinking about her question. What party would Jesus be a part of today if He were not already in heaven but was now walking among us. Who would He vote for? What does He think of all of the right and left stuff?

I think about when Joshua in the Bible was approached by an commander of the army of the Lord (Joshua 5). When Joshua asked whose side the angel was on, the angel replied he was not on either side, but was there to take over. I don't think Jesus is a Republican or a Democrat. He is not a Socialist or Communist either. Instead, the Bible states the government rest upon his shoulders (Isaiah 9:6). He didn't come to take sides. He came to take over.