Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hyped about Youth Convention

I opened my computer this morning and my calendar popped open for this week. Our district's youth convention is next weekend. Karen and I along with Doug, our team pastor over youth, are taking three teenagers to the convention in Macon, Georgia.

Karen and I have always loved the teenagers. Our happiest moments have been sitting around with teens just talking and getting to know them. Also, being authentic and very real has been our key to being successful pastors to adults as well as teenagers. They make us feel younger than we already are :)!

We have been having a postcard competition for them all to win a scholarship. The winner called my cell phone yesterday and left a voicemail to let me know she had given all of her postcards out - 500 hundred of them! Way to go Laura! It made my day!

It is exciting to build a church. It is more exciting to build a church that the teenagers AND KIDS love!

I can't wait til next weekend. I can't wait to see also the teens from the Rock Church in Valdosta - our last church where we served! See you all then!