Thursday, December 13, 2007


We all have said it. One time or another we have said the phrase,  "I really need that!"  Maybe it was on the sales floor of the toy store as a child or on the sales floor of the Apple store as an adult.  We have said and probably this past year, we have said it many times - from grills to GPS systems.  

God said in His Word He would supply ALL of our needs.  Needs are circumstances in which something is necessary.  It requires some course of action - a necessity. 

I was just pondering on this as we were shopping for presents for our family.  We all have needs. When we receive something, it is a blessing.  

Two coaches are coaching two teams playing the championship.  Both of them are believers.  One loses and goes home upset.  The other goes home and tells everyone it was a blessing from God.  Which one was blessed?  Were they both blessed?  Maybe the one who went home a loser didn't deserve to win according to God?  Maybe God could care less who won and who lost.  I don't know. 


All I know is He will supply ALL of our needs.  Our needs are His need to fulfill them.  If He doesn't fulfill them, they weren't a need.  They were a want. God will act just like your mother did in the toy store when she said, "You don't need that!" (or your wife in Best Buy)

Boy, that phrase hurts! (from someone who was an only child)