Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When Your Computer Hiccups

The last several days have been nail biting.  My computer has been acting up lately.  There were small things at first.  I then had to reload the operating system.  Then again.  Then after I reloaded it for the third time, everything was gone.  It was Friday.  Friday before Saturday when I would be using it to lead and teach at Paramount's service.  Yes, the Friday before I would also travel to minister in Valdosta.  It was loaded with my presentation for the weekend.  

Doug, a good friend of mine and leader at Paramount, said, "Oh no! Don't tell me the mothership failed."  Yes, the mothership failed.  

What caused me to sweat most?  There are years of documents I have on here.  There are years of articles, papers, research, etc.  Everything else was less stressful.  

I called Applecare on Monday.  The guy told me where to find everything.  There is was.  EVERYTHING!  It was all neatly stored in a little file nicer than a mother could fold and place clothes away for their child - all the documents, graphics, movies, songs, etc.

There is minor work still to be done but I thought I would come and post an update to why I have been away for a while.  Busy weekend!  Stressful weekend!  

All is well now!  

Thanks Apple!  Thank you Jesus!!!