Sunday, March 16, 2008


I had a chance to ride around downtown this afternoon and take a look some of the devastation which took place due to the tornado which hit Atlanta Friday evening.  People were everywhere taking pictures, pointing, and looking.  Not wanting to find a place to park, we just quickly drove through.  Police were blocking many roads around the CNN Center and Centennial Park.  

We then check Karen's office a few blocks from the Georgia Dome.  Everything was fine. 

We then drove to Cabbagetown, which is a small area of downtown Atlanta.  It was a sight to see. House were highly damaged.  The Cotton Mill which has been turned into condos could be seen in the distance.  We were unable to get there due to roads being blocked.  The condos were featured on all major networks due to floors collapsing.  

Trees were down everywhere.  A famous cemetery located there had trees down damaging headstones.  

The good thing was the streets were littered with people helping people.  You would have thought a block party was going on.  

The blessing was that no one was killed when the tornado came through the two mile length. The bigger blessing was the Georgia Dome was filled with thousands of people watching a basketball game in overtime.  If it did not go in overtime, thousands could have been badly hurt or killed while walking in the middle of downtown Atlanta.  

What a blessing! 

Pray for Atlanta. 

Many days of rebuilding are ahead.