Friday, March 14, 2008

Organize or Agonize!

I knew the day would come when my schedule would overwhelm me and if I didn't organize, I would agonize.  Thus, the day has arrived.  

There is a momentum at Paramount Church we have never experienced before.  This week, over 10 thousand people will be hearing about Paramount Church through special postcards being handed out or mailed out this week.  Tomorrow morning (weather permitting) we will be placing many signs out around the south metro area about us. 

We have brand new roadside banners coming right now as we speak.  There are two of them. Each is 6 feet by 15 feet.  They will take the place of our badly, wind-whipped banner by the road.  Can someone say mini billboards!  

Also, I am feverishly getting Creative Wired Studios off the ground.  We are going to begin making graphic artist available to the local church.  Need cards, printing, graphics for your next series but don't have the budget to hire a technical pastor, please let me know.  Being Easter, we had done a lot of work for some local churches.  We have secured a URL for the company and presently creating the website for you!  

Blessings to you all!