Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When a Hero Calls You a Hero

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting a missionary.  He found out I was a church planter and he said church planters are heroes.  I then began asking him about his mission field.  After all was said and done, he was arrested last year for six weeks and was separated during that time from his family.  The muslim country (which I will remain nameless for his security) arrested him while returning from a conference.  He is now back in the states praying for direction on where to go from here.  Eager, he is ready to return.  

Church planters are my heroes.  Missionaries are bigger heroes!  My dream has always been for Paramount Church to go beyond the giving for missions and go into the hospitality ministry of taking care of our missionaries while they are here in the states.  Many come home planned and sometimes unplanned with no transportation or housing.  I hope we can be a major part of providing the temporary needs missionaries have while at home.  

God bless our missionaries.  They are our heroes!