Friday, May 23, 2008

Old Movies, Photography, Mac, and the Great Florida Sun

We are packing for a refreshing vacation to the emerald beaches of Florida.  For a vacation like this, there are a few things that relax me the most. 

First, I have to have my old movies.  They are best friends who I get acquainted with on a regular basis.  John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, and some other classic actors are found in my DVD case.  I can put those on and I will be out taking a much needed nap. 

Second, I am collecting my photo gear.  Photos have become a huge hobby for me.  Give me my camera and I find things that no one else pays attention to.  It has recently turn from a hobby to a passion.  I have recently made space in my daily bag for it.  I usually have it close by at all times. 

Third, I have to take my Mac.  I can't leave home without it.  The other day I took a huge step and left it in my office at the church over night.  I couldn't sleep.  

The three along with being with my family is going to create a memorable vacation.  We are going to soak up the Florida sun and enjoy a lot of pool time.