Saturday, May 24, 2008


As a pastor, I have chosen to be apolitical - not showing any favoritism toward any candidate or party.  A couple of years ago, I am ashamed to say I wasn't.  

Though I have personal views about government, society, and the church, I choose to keep those to myself.  My goal is to assist people on their journey through life and finding a good foundation in Christ - not who is republican or democrat or who I think would be a better president.  

At the same time, it has easily allowed me to step back and look at the whole political process.  I have seen politician's and pastor's quotes totally spinned  or taken out of context for gain by others.  

I have found myself fighting on behalf of politicians I have never really like because of what they said was totally taken out of context by the public and the media.  

Some of the things I think are important.  Speak the truth.  Never apologize for the truth.  Explain what was misunderstood but don't apologize for what you said.  If you made a mistake, admit it.  Yes, people get offended.  Get over it. 

Sometimes I think about Christ and if the media, as bad as it can be today, were there then.  Though he was constantly torn apart by the religious sect, the media today would have assisted with all their might.  

When it come to media, you have to be careful.  It is hard not to use them because you can get free publicity.  At the same time, that same 'free publicity' doesn't mind turning their back on you and crucifying you!  

Sorry to ramble.  These are just some imperative thoughts.