Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You My Friend?

Joshua just turned three last month.  Lately he has learned about friendship and that you can actually obtain friends.  So much so that he constantly ask you if your are his friend.   We are also still in the single friend phase and trying to teach him that both mommy and daddy can be your friend along with all the other kids at school. 

Lately, I have been thinking about his constant questioning of mine and his friendship.  Out of the blue he will ask, "Daddy, you my friend?"  Yesterday, I went down the driveway to place a letter in the box and he screamed out, "Daddy, you my friend?"  Of course, I replied, "Get your behind in the car!" 

I thought about how much we need friendship.  Most importantly how much we need Jesus'  friendship.  Jesus told his disciples they were friends and he says that to you and me today.  Not only is he our friend, he loves us.  Not only that, he likes us.  Get that into your head - he likes you!   He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother and he never fails or leaves us.  He is our friend.  He is our best friend before we are his.  

Wow!  What an amazing God!