Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leaders Linger

Leaders linger.  I don't know where I learned that from but what I have incorporated in my leadership style as well as into the leadership style of our lead team is the art of lingering.  After every service, every event, and every fellowship, our lead team lingers.  We build relationships, laugh, cry, and pray with others, and invest into the lives of those who attend a worship experience.

Recently I noticed by the time I was able to get to the foyer, most had left to go home.  That was what I thought until I walked to the parking lot.  There, I found where everybody was having a great time - yep, in the parking lot.  Now, when I come off stage, I exit backstage and walk straight to the parking lot. Now, I am usually the first one out there.

As I leader, learn to leader.  Make yourself learn to linger.  Stay around.  Hang out.  Build and invest in lives.