Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Don't Cast Your Pearls

Jesus warned us about casting our pearls before wine.  We pray to God for wisdom and He is never lacks in providing the wisdom we asked for in our daily needs.  Yet, there are some who have never prayed for wisdom.  To go further, they refuse to listen to you when you try to assist them though you see them going down a long and dangerous road.  Stop throwing the pearls of wisdom which God has so graciously given to you to swine.

If you find you are one of those swine, it is dangerous to be dumb.  Listen to those who know.  No one is ever too grown to have someone who can speak into their life with direction and wisdom.  Stop living life like a pig whose eyes are always towards the ground eating muddy grub.  Living life like an eagle means that wind is needed to soar high heights under your wings. That wind comes from the wisdom that could be provided by leaders in our life.  Listen and soar and discover a easier life