Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Things Ministers Should Know

1. Pray - Pray with out ceasing! Pray, Pray, Pray! Pray or you will become prey of the enemy.

2. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. A quick answer to a problem is foolish but be wise to weigh a problem and then answer it. Don's be intimidated when you do not have a quick answer.

3. Study the Word continually. Let the deep things of God call unto the deepest parts of your spirit. Feast on the Word. Never nibble

4. Be a Kingdom minded minister. Never go by tradition, religious, or American way of doing things. Always lead Kingdomly. Question everything to see if it be of the Kingdom or of man.

5. Find the Spiritual Father (man or woman) who will father you. They must be willing to correct, rebuke, teach, exhort, love, and feed you. A Spiritual Father comes only by the Spirit. Blood is thicker than water, but spirit is thicker that blood.

6. When someone determines to persecute you or praise you, never take it to heart. Both persecution and praise will kill your ministry. But when someone corrects you or rebukes you, take it to heart, weight the matter, and enact to be better..

7. Know the difference between you soul and you spirit. What will looks spirit-led may be you being soul-led. Anything that is soul-led has nothing to do with the Spirit. Being soul-led can surely lead to destruction!

8. Seek wise counsel on major decisions. Keep a balance. Never lead alone and never lead by popular demand. Seek out your own personal wise counsel that is like minded but at the same time objective. They will never lead you astray, but be careful, know who around you is your Judas and who is your John.

9. Have a Joshua/Caleb spirit. Only share your visions with those with Joshua/Caleb spirits. Those with grasshopper mentalities will never go anywhere and they always are determined to keep you there with them. Smash grasshoppers and get ready to kill the giants and take the land. REMEMBER God always gives you visions bigger and larger than you are able to bear.

10. Do not be encumbered by this solution or that solution to building a big church. Any solution other than preaching the Word, being a minister of prayer, and letting your ministry be a open vessel for God to flow through and move is the Law. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

11. People must be the most important. People and their physical, emotional, and most importantantly, spiritual needs are more important than programs, problems, and time. People are what make up God's House not bricks and stone and other materialistic things that predominate importance in today's church such as computers, sound systems, etc.

As I continue on my education in the genuine School of the Spirit. I will add to this list as my education grows!