Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Great Week at the Rowland's

It's a great week this week at the Rowland household. Karen and I are packing and preparing to leave tomorrow for Kansas City, Missourri. We are going there to finalize the adoption of Joshua Brandon. On Thursday, Joshua will legally be our's though he stole our hearts a long time ago.
On Friday we will return and attend the Georgia District Church Ministries Conference in Griffin. Then on Saturday morning, we are leaving to go to Augusta to see Jerome graduate from the Georgia National Guard Youth Challenge Academy. He chose to go there five months ago to finish his high school career. What has happened since then is nothing but glorious. He left as a boy at 240 pounds and coming back a man at 180 with huge muscles. I am very proud of him and his accomplishment. God has used him as a light to all the cadets there and has received much favor from his superiors.
He is coming back for good with us on Saturday. He will be moving with us to Atlanta to fulfill a call upon his life by God to minister. He will be directing our operations and setup.
So this week as we embark, we are proud. We are very proud! We love them both and know that their future is very, very bright! Blessings upon you both, Josh and Jerome!