Monday, August 21, 2006

The Need is the Call

I learned over a decade ago while meeting with Pastor Bill Wilson, one of America's premier innercity ministers, the needs is always the call. Sitting with him at lunch in Brooklyn, New York is one of the highlights of my ministry. Those words the need is the call has always stuck with me. That was the day where 'praying' about doing somethings turned into to 'doing it.' We have a lot of 'spiritual' people who are waiting for their call. They just sit idly by while opportunity after opportunity comes by like a city bus over and over again. You ask them to do the simpliest of task and their reply is "I'll pray about it." You ask them to sing a solo or preach a sermon and they never have to 'pray' about it. They just do it.
I thank God for the people of The Rock church in Valdosta. They are truly people who know the need is the call. When people know there is a need to do something, they quickly step up to the plate and get it done no matter how hard or difficult the task may be. They are a superb group of people who grasp the true meaning of servanthood and stewardship.
I pray that I can impart this thinking to the people of Paramount in Atlanta. It is my prayer to raise up a nation whose true mission is whatever the need is truly their calling. If they can catch this thinking, there is nothing we can not do!