Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Looking Forward!

Over the last several weeks, I struggled with the fact that God was leading me to another land. I wrestled with God and wrestled hard. The battle was in my mind. Questions came up like water from a spring. What about this, Lord? How will I do that, Lord? How is this going to happen, Lord? Tormented I wrestled.
During this time I questioned my faith, my family, my calling, and my position in Him. Was I doing the right thing? Am I the right person? Am I equipped enough? Is this you God? Many have been here before. Many having the battle of a lifetime. God is telling you to jump and you hang on to the ledge for dear life questioning is it God or the devil. And then. . .
You jump!!!! You leap out into this air and all of a sudden the worry is gone. Your faith is sure. Faith to jump as taken place. Now, the trusting must set in.
Abraham must have been like this as well. Leaving the land and going to another place must have been a battle. Some of the same questions probably arose in his mind as to how God would meet him on his journey.
One of the determining scriptures to embarking onto this new land was when God told Abraham that is would bless him and everyone who blesses him would be blessed. I quickly found my answer to the blessed life. Obedience leads to the blessing. Once I jumped, the blessing have started flowing! Right now, I am see miracles take place.
Yes, trust has set in. I haven't landed yet. I am still in midair. When will I land I do not know. What I do know is the air that I am in has been created by God. More precious than air is me as His creation. He created me and I am not to worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough on it plate for me to add my worry. I will walk by faith and never by what I see!