Sunday, September 10, 2006

Walt Disney - A Visioneer

When we went to MGM, we had a chance to visit a museum on the life of Walt Disney. He was a visioneer or many would say visionary. He was a great visionary. He not only had a vision for the Disney Company but he would broadcast it. When I say broadcast it, I mean on National Television. In the mid 1960's, he broadcasted on national television his vision for EPCOT. He was brave enough to tell the whole country about an his dream. Unfortunately, he died a few years later, but that is where the miracle begins.
You see, Disney created a company on principle. If he would have built his company on himself, it would have died when he died. EPCOT was built years later because his vision lived beyond his life and it rested on principle. It didn't die when he died. He casted the vision to others and they caught it and ran with it.
We should vision with principle in mind. We shouldn't dream a dream that it takes one person to do it. We should dream where it takes a team, an organization, or a church to do it. Dream a dream and then share it. Release it. Watch the dream come alive.