Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Families Having Fun - TOGETHER

"We believe in our idea: a family park where parents and children could have fun - together."
Walt Disney

I was introduced to this concept by the leadership team from North Point Community Church a few years ago. It was a concept they got with from Walt Disney. It was an idea that families could have fun - together. Located on statue at Walt Disney's World's Magic Kingdom is this concept that families can come together and have fun at their parks. What an incredible concept! Families can come together? When Walt Disney came up with this concept, it was a very long time ago. I am not an expert on how times were back then, but I do know today when need a place for families to come together and church can be the place to come together and have fun - TOGETHER!
Schedule to launch in September 2007 at Paramount Church is Kidzu. Kidzu will be a church where families can have fun together. The phrase coined by Northpoint is "Where kids bring their parents to church." It will be a time where kids will bring their parents and will learn about Christ and Christian living at the same time in the same service! Disney believed in his idea. Just read it. We believe in our's as well!