Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Church Planting in Georgia is going strong!

I had a meeting today in Macon, Georgia at the Georgia District of the Assemblies of God office. My meeting was with Phil Wall, the Director of Church Planting. He discussed with me some recent visits to some college campuses and the great responses he has recieved. The students were excited, but get this. . . the administrators were more excited. Phil has taken the church planting department to great levels. I saw their video they show to the campuses as well as their literature/DVD. Talk about excellent! The theme is "The Georgia Opportunity," and what an opportunity it is!
It makes me proud to work with such great people. Everything Phil and the church plant department does is done with excellent! The support they give us church planters is phenomenal!
I am glad I took advantage of the Georgia Opportunity. It was hard to take the leap, but it has been a tremendous journey!