Monday, October 30, 2006

Downward Housing Market?

When you are a church planter, exciting things are always happening. One thing God did which blew us away was the selling of our home. I have been pretty quiet about it while waiting to close on it.

I had observed other homes in my neighborhood. One home was on the market for three weeks and then got a contract. Others have not been so lucky. Two at the same time we put our home on the market are still waiting for a buyer.

Getting ready to put it on the market, we worked hard to make our home very presentable - depersonalizing the whole house. At the same time, Karen and I prayed for God to give us a buyer. I remember one night I was praying for the sell. I began speaking to the house that night (just like Jesus said we could when teaching about speaking to mountains) and telling itself to make it look attractive. I asked Jesus to be our real estate agent and our marketing director. I declared people would be drawn to it and fall in love with it.

After two days on the market (yes, I wrote two days), we had a family come and view it. That was on a Saturday. We were told on Monday they were interested in it but we were one of three they wanted to see again. On Wednesday, they came back, viewed our home, and on Thursday, we had a contract!

The whole thing blew us away! I don't know why. God always like to show up and show out!

Two things I will take with me from this:

1. Yes, you can speak to things. God has given you the power to speak to things and to change situations and circumstances. Remember, He didn't create the universe with his hands. He created it with his mouth.

2. Many in the Bible called God by what they needed or what He did. Many times in different circumstances, I just need Him to be something special for me. I need Him to by a physician, a lawyer, a mechanic, and a supplier of finances. He has never failed! Never!

PS Last week in the news, a report was done about America being in a downward housing market. Houses are just not selling like they used to sell, but not when Jesus is your real estate agent!