Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Destiny Driven

Your 'yesterday' was for 'today'. Your 'today' is for your 'tomorrow'. Everyday adds to the last. Every step you take is ordered.
Destiny drives you! You learn something today. Then, tomorrow you find out what you learned today was needed for your tomorrow. I remember I took a media class in college. It was basically learning Powerpoint. (This was 1993) Today, I use Powerpoint and many other types of media. Was it God directed that I took that class?
I was a broadcasting major in college. The degree hangs on my wall today. That was 1994. Today, I edit and produce videos for ministry. Coincidence or destiny? I learned along time ago that every step we take is ordered by the Lord. God actually writes down the steps we take. Every step is prescribed.
Whatever step you are in right now has been ordered by the Lord for your destiny. I have to remember that because when things around are not going smooth, I have to remember it was prescribed. I also have to remember when I am going through a good time in my life. Your steps are ordered. Where you are at is not really your choice the whole time. Where you are at was God's choice. Chill. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the journey!