Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The School of the Spirit

God is the President. Jesus is the Dean. The Holy Spirit is the professor or lecturer. Anybody who wants to do anything for the Kingdom enters what I call the School of the Spirit. Some call it the wilderness. There are times in your walk when you will 'walk' through some things in order for you to learn a course as prescibed by the President. Courses vary based on your future. I have been in the school for 15 years. I haven't graduated yet. I assume it may be a while. I have just finished a course and now that I am planting a church, I am about to enter the next. What does this course consist of? I don't know. I won't know until I 'walk' through it. How long does it last? Who knows! Hard? Yes, most definitely! Easy? Sometimes. The good thing about it is the Dean actually walks through it with you. Yes, He is there at the beginning showing you great things to come. Through your school career, the Dean will give you glimpses of what is to come. Sometimes, He does not appear to be around, but He is there. Moses, Joshua, Job, Abraham, Paul, Peter, and anybody who has done anything for the Kingdom are alumni. There is no mascot nor tshirts. The education is very expensive - your life. There are a lot of surprise test. The final exam does not happen until you meet the Dean. His recommendation goes to the President. Your diploma - the Dean declaring "Well done!" The School of the Spirit. . . priceless!