Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Flashback to Kids Explosion Days!

Jerome and I spent the afternoon going to every door (244) giving out information about our events this week and the month of December. There are 10 apartment buildings four stories high with 24 units in each one!
For almost 10 years, Jerome and I walked up and down stairs and visited apartments with a host of volunteers every Saturday morning from August to June. Kids Explosion was a weekly service for inner city kids in Valdosta that I began in 1994. When we were preparing the packets, we were reminiscing over how this reminded us of Kids Explosion.
This week, we are having a Coffee and Cocoa by the Pool event and a Christmas ornament making time for the kids. If the weather remains the same, we should be able to go swimming. We are both drenched in sweat.
It goes to show you every step is ordered by the Lord. God orders your today for your tomorrow! All those years of preparing a program every week and we come to our present situation. Ordered! This is when I usually exclaim, "What a Mighty God we serve!"